Terms of use

This license pertains to all free and paid products listed on this website.

The license presents you, the buyer, an open-ended, non-exclusive, non-transferable, universal permit to use the theme or preset you have bought.

This license is for a single copy (one seat or one user at any given time) of the action, installed on up to 2 of your computer systems.

You can use our presets and iOS themes to create an infinite number of different end products. End Products are comprising of edited photos, designs, or additional visuals.

You can sell end products produced using our themes or presets to any number of people. As described further on, the End Products must not include the themes or preset itself. Indicating you could sell an altered photo to a customer or sell stock pictures edited with Preset Delight products, but you shouldn’t sell a product that includes the presets file itself.

You can’t redistribute our iOS themes or presets. For example, if you purchase our efforts or presets, you can’t share them with a friend.

You can’t incorporate or share the themes or presets with an End Product as well. You may connect the end product user to where they can immediately license the themes or presets.

This implies that you can’t include the preset in a file you are selling or distributing, but you can link them to the Preset Delight page where they would purchase it from.

Lastly, we can cancel this license at any time if you breach it. If that occurs, you need to stop using the Tool or App and remove it from your computer systems.

This must be all, but if you have any doubts about the Terms of Use, feel free to contact us at *email goes here*